Tuscaloosa, AL: Visit the Mobile Window Tinting Shop Nearest You

Tuscaloosa, AL Visit the Mobile Window Tinting Shop Nearest You

It is worth it to avail of the services offered by the premium mobile window tinting in Tuscaloosa, AL. The following are the qualifications of premium services that you have to look for when you are thinking of window tinting near me in Alabama:

  • Offers the best window tint film. The shop that offers window tinting in Tuscaloosa, AL, should have all types of window tints with the highest quality that the customer can choose from. It allows the customer to consider the appearance and price range of the window tint.
  • Provides lifetime damage warranty. You might think that “the mobile tint service near me in the city of Tuscaloosa is a bit pricey”, and you would not want to spend too much for a service without a warranty. This assures customers that repairs and replacements are possible in case problems with the car tint arise in the future.
  • Guarantees standardized procedure. Window installer should be knowledgeable and pay attention to the details and procedures to have an excellent job that results in a satisfied customer.

While thinking of “mobile car window tinting near me in Tuscaloosa”, it is advisable to know and understand the regulations on car window tint to avoid any hassle in the future. Visible Light Transmission (VLT) is the basis of the window tinting laws in Alabama which mainly focus on safety driving. There are two categories of the law implementation including window tint darkness and window tint reflection which are measured by percentage. Here is a summary of the laws on mobile window tinting in Tuscaloosa, AL:

  • Car tint darkness allowed for sedans:
    • Windshield: non-reflective tint
    • Front side, rear, and back side windows: 32% VTL
  • Car tint reflection for sedans:
    • Front side and back side windows: 20% reflective
  • Car tint darkness for vans and SUVs:
    • Windshield: non-reflective
    • Front side windows: 32% VLT
    • Back side and rear windows: no specific percentage
  • Car tint reflection allowed for vans and SUVs:
    •  Front side and back side windows: 20% reflective.

Aside from the provided laws above, here other applied laws to consider before availing the mobile car tint service in Tuscaloosa, AL:

  • Side mirrors: no specified restrictions
  • Tint color: no specified restrictions
  • Window tint film: certification is required
  • Special tint: applicable for medical exemptions

You should not focus only on mobile window tinting shops near you but put into consideration the laws, quality, and services it involves.