Why You Need Specialists for Mobile Window Tinting in Homer, Alaska

Why You Need Specialists for Mobile Window Tinting in Homer, Alaska

It is better to work with a professional when you need a mobile window tinting in Homer, Alaska. You should invest your money on experts so you can avoid faulty tint applications and costly add-ons. There are various companies that offer tinting services in the country. The key to make the most out of your money is to make a short list of the trusted names in the industry.

When you search for a specialist in window tinting near me in Homer, Alaska, you must focus on the area of expertise plus the years of experience of a company. It is better to select a team that is highly approved by customers.

Why You Should Hire Professionals

You should only select professionals in mobile window tinting in Homer, Alaska, because of the legal issues concerned. The state implements strict laws regarding mobile window tinting. Don’t risk yourself by hiring a newbie in the business.

In addition, conducting a tinting service takes a lot of technical skills and expertise. You need a specialist that can deliver an accurate and precise job. Hence, when you purchase a mobile tint service near me in Homer, AK, hire the best.

It is also strongly discouraged to go for DIY auto glass tinting because this can cause you a lot of money, most especially if you do it wrong.

Homer, Alaska, Mobile Glass Tinting Regulations

Professional companies are familiar with the window tinting laws in Homer, AK. They apply tint according to the prescribed visible light transmission (VLT) level. The VLT rate varies across different cities and provinces in Alaska. In general, here are the recommended VLT percentages:

  • 40% – on the back side and rear side windows
  • 70% – on the front side windows

As for the windshield tint, make sure that your service provider uses a non-reflective tint. As prescribed by the law, you should not use metallic or reflective tint on both the front and back side auto windows.

In addition, before searching for a mobile car window tinting near me in Homer, Alaska, do your homework. Find out more about the background of a mobile glass tinting company. Do they have history of customer complaints? What do their customers say about their services? Be wise in searching for a mobile window tinting near me in Homer, Alaska.

Most importantly, don’t settle for anything less. Choose experts to handle your car glass tinting needs. Find out more about our first-class mobile window tinting in Homer, Alaska, here.