The Secret of Experts: Mobile Window Tint in Glendale, Arizona

The Secret of Experts: Mobile Window Tint in Glendale, Arizona

Planning to tint the window of your car on your own? It is strongly suggested that you forget about it. Installing a mobile window tint in Glendale, Arizona, is not as easy as people think. The cost of buying the needed tools may be more than what you will pay for a professional mobile tint installer. Read on if you want to know the secret on how to do it.

Heat gun

This tool is one of the most important in installing a mobile window tint in Glendale, Arizona. A heat gun is necessary to heat form the film and make it receive the compound curvature of the glass. Heat guns vary in price depending on their quality. They cost between $15 and $50 in most hardware.

Tinting squeegee

A squeegee is a black rubber material in different sizes. They are flexible, and some of them are made of stiffer material making them less flexible. This is needed to remove water under the film.

Hard cards

Hard cards function the same as squeegees but they are smaller and plastic. They remove bubbles and wrinkles which can’t be done by rubber squeegees. The mobile auto tinting near me in Glendale knows how to make these cards as they are hard to find in stores.

Other tools needed for mobile window tinting are knives and scrapers, white lint-free PVA towel or microfiber, and of course the tinted films. Exhausted? Well, it’s not surprising. Apart from the tools, you also need to think about the painstaking process of installing a mobile window tint in Glendale, Arizona.

To start the process of mobile window tinting, you need to know the best method to clean your car’s exterior. Use two buckets to hold clean water and clean suds. “A mobile tinting service near me in Glendale should know how to use this method” should be your thought. An expert installer rinses the cleaning gloves in clean water and wrings it to dry before dipping into the clean suds.

Another arduous process is the use of microfibers. Car tint shops near me in Arizona use color-coded microfibers for specific tasks. These are being washed separately as they will trap the lint from other towels making it inappropriate for its purpose. This laborious process does not yet include the strenuous process of fitting and cutting the film on the window.

What You Should Realize

“Expert installers’ window tinting near me prices in Glendale are not so bad at all.” Considering all the time and effort you might waste by doing it on your own, you should think twice. If you want to get the best deal out of a mobile window tint service, then visit our website at and check out our services.

Discovering how window tinting near me in Arizona works will make one realize that their service is not really a rip-off.