Few Things You Should Know About Mobile Window Tinting in Tucson

Few Things You Should Know About Mobile Window Tinting in Tucson

There is more to mobile window tinting in Tucson. Apart from window tinting laws in Arizona, there are other facts about it.

“Window tinting near me in Tucson” or “mobile car window tinting near me in Tucson” might be what you are typing in the search engine. But stop right there. It pays to know first the materials used in window tinting before wanting to have one.

Tinted windows have gas-saving benefit. They block the UV rays coming into your car and keep the cabin cooler. High-quality tinted windows are great investment as they will protect you and your car with lifetime warranty.

Types of Automotive Window Tints

Some mobile tint service near me in Tucson uses carbon technology that is unreflective in dark finish and does not fade. In addition, they also provide extreme heat and infrared rejection with lifetime warranty. Other variations offer enhanced visibility at night and maintain the car’s original looks. Additional features are blocking almost 100% of UV rays, interior protection, and never a change in color.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of films used in window tinting before hiring services of the nearest window tinting in Tucson:

Dyed Window Film

This is a layer of dyed film between a protective polyester coating and an adhesive layer. The top coating avoids damages and scratches of the window shield. A dyed film blocks up to 55% of sun’s rays and does not reflect light. This type of mobile window tint does not fade over time but does not block the heat coming in to your car.

Metalized Film

This type of films has small metal particles that reflect light. Metalized films come in layers too, but unlike dyed films, they block UV rays from penetrating into your car. Due to the metal particles, this kind of film makes your windows tougher. Car windows don’t easily break, but the metal particles restrict signal from mobile phones and other devices.

Carbon Film

A carbon film is a combination of metalized and dyed window films. In contrast to the metalized film, it does not restrict the signal from devices but still blocks 40% heat.

Ceramic Film

Yes, you’re right! Ceramics are not just for figurines. In fact, they are the best choice for mobile window tinting in Tucson. Unlike the metalized film, they don’t have metal particles that might interfere with signal. It blocks 99% UV rays and prevents 50% infrared from coming in to your car. There’s no luminous material that prevents amazing visibility day and night.


The best mobile window tinting in Tucson should have the right tools and knowledge in window tinting. But as a car owner, you should also be knowledgeable of the things that could provide privacy and protection while you are in your car. Visit our website at mobilewindowtint.com and check out the best deals for your needs.