Know the Mobile Window Tinting Laws in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Know the Mobile Window Tinting Laws in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Most car owners, aside from ensuring privacy, opt to install mobile window tinting to improve the appearance of their vehicles. Tints are generally used to protect car windows. When there is tinting, the car looks modern and classy.

When it comes to mobile window tinting in Fort Smith, Arkansas, each state implements its own guidelines. Before you choose the shade or the material of your tint from the mobile tint service near me in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the first thing you need to do is to know the appropriate legal regulations of your state. Since you live in Fort Smith, Arkansas, then you should ensure compliance not just to the states but to the policies of the local enforcement as well.

Arkansas Law in Window Tinting

When measuring the darkness of the automotive window tint in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percentage is used. It determines the visible light that is permitted through the window and film when combined.

The following are some legal guidelines with regard to mobile window tinting in Fort Smith, Arkansas:

  • For the front side windows, the Arkansas law requires 25% or more of light that can penetrate.
  • For the back side windows of your car, you are required to have 25% or more of light inside the vehicle.
  • For the back window, 10% of light should be allowed to penetrate inside.
  • For the windshield, on the top 5 inches of the windshield, you are allowed to put non-reflective tint.

Determining How Reflective the Window Tint Is

Just like in sunglasses, you can find some window tinting near me around Fort Smith, Arkansas, that put metallic compounds in the film, which help reduce the heat and glare caused by visible light. It is because it reflects the incoming light. Under the window tinting laws in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in terms of being reflective, both the front side and back side windows require no mirrored or metallic appearance.

While the state law in Arkansas has set the guidelines in window tinting, the Department of Police in your region enforces the law. Check with the Fort Smith Police Department if the state window tint laws are the same with the general enforcement policies.

You just want to make sure when you get the services of the automotive window tinting near me in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Rules can change anytime, so you want to prevent some confusion regarding proper window tinting. Make sure that the laws on mobile window tinting in Fort Smith, Arkansas, you are adhering are those that are enforced by your local police regularly.