3 Innovative Automotive Window Tint Solutions

3 Innovative Automotive Window Tint Solutions

Your automotive window tint can act as a protection for your car. Besides the great design and aesthetic that it can bring to your car, it operates to provide you privacy and confidentiality, too.

Your automotive window tint helps you to protect your car’s interior against UV rays and direct sunlight that can cause damage. There are several types available that are suitable for what you need and what you prefer.

In choosing the best automotive window tint, you have to know and identify first the specifications you need to meet all your window tinting needs.

Herein, we list down three innovative automotive window tint solutions you can explore to answer your objectives:

Metalized Window Film

The metalized window film belongs to the top automotive window tint solutions or choices. It has several layers that act as an effective way to block heat from outside and from direct sunlight.

The metalized window film is also an excellent option to protect you, your car, and your passengers from ultraviolet (UV) rays. One good advantage of this car window film is the fact that it does not fade even in a longer period.

Hybrid Tinting Film

The hybrid tinting film contains a protective coat. It is a combination of the regular dyed film and the metalized window film. This type of film does not interfere with radio and mobile phone signal compared to others.

Since this type of film contains less metal, it is not necessarily reflective. Moreover, the hybrid tinting film is more affordable than the metalized window film but more costly than the dyed film.

Ceramic Window Film

The ceramic window film is advantageous because it blocks light of at least 30 to 50 percent. It also blocks ultraviolet (UV) rays and light glare that is useful especially when driving.

The ceramic window film does not fade compared to regular car window tint and dyed films. Though this type of car window film could be quite costly, car shops assure that it does not fade over time. In fact, the ceramic window film is considered to be one of the most expensive options in window tinting.

Making sure that your automotive window tint is the best one can bring a lot of advantages to you in the long run. Installing the right kind of window tint helps you to protect your vehicle as well as your privacy.