4 Facts You Should Never Forget About Auto Window Tinting

4 Facts You Should Never Forget About Auto Window Tinting

When it comes to investing in your car’s appearance and comfort while on the road, the new hyped-up solution is paying for auto window tinting.

Having your car windows tinted can increase the sleek outside appearance of your car. More than that, it can ensure that you will be comfortable while driving.  This includes driving for long hours or driving under extreme heat. It can reduce glares that come during high noon.

Auto window tints are also excellent in protecting you and your car’s interior from solar heat and the harmful ultraviolet radiation that comes with it. Moreover, blocking the heat can also be great in increasing the air conditioning efficiency of your car.

Choosing window tint for cars doesn’t have to be a tough job, but there are several facts that you need to remember in order to make the right choice.

Dyed Window Tint Fades Over Time

When you look for auto window tinting in most car tinting shops, one of the primary options when it comes to the type of auto tints available is the dyed window tint. It is the most basic kind of auto window tint and is also the cheapest you can find. The film itself is made of dye particle which is the reason for its dark surface.

Dyed window film tends to be darker than other auto window tint types, which makes it excellent for blocking solar glare. But, it has a drawback. The dye content of the film fades over time. It turns to purple and won’t be able to serve its purpose anymore.

Metallic Window Tint Interferes with Electronics

Another type of car tint is the metallic window tint. It has a reflective surface which looks like a mirror. Instead of absorbing the solar heat and glare, it reflects those harmful factors, preventing it from entering the car.

However, it has a drawback as well. Its metallic properties interfere with electronics, including your cellular phone. It might even affect the performance of your GPS, which won’t be a good thing.

Window Tints Can be Expensive but Worth It

If you want a durable window tint for your car, you will  probably have to pay a little more. Higher technology car tints might be a bit more expensive, but they can last for a long time, saving you from having to repair or redo the film before its designed lifespan.

Tint Law Matters

If you are tinting your car, there are specific laws that you should follow. Failure to do so will  likely cause you to pay a fine in addition to redoing your car’s tint. If you are involved in a car accident, and your tint is found to be in violation of tinting rules and regulations, that might be a case where your insurance company can refuse to pay you.

Learning more about auto window tinting before paying any tint service is essential to help you choose the ideal tint and tint shop for the job.