4 Mobile Car Tint Hacks That You Can Do Everyday

4 Mobile Car Tint Hacks That You Can Do Everyday

Mobile window tints are probably one of the most useful inventions in the automotive history. It shields both the car owner and the car itself from exterior harms like the sun, the weather, and even the thieves. Its benefits are incredible, but it’s a plus factor if you know these 4 mobile car tint hacks that you can do every day:

1. Use Window Clings for Blinding Rays

Except for rainy and gloomy days, this mobile car tint hack is very effective if you want to shut the sun out while you are driving. Every driver totally knows how blinding sun rays can be at a certain time of the day, mostly at noon. It could be so annoying and also very dangerous. To prevent this from ruining your ride, just pull out your extra tinted window clings and hang it in the exact spot where it can shield your eyes.

2. Use Water in Cleaning Your Tinted Windows

Plain water may sound boring and cheap, but it is the safest cleaning material that you can use to ensure the longevity of your tinted windows. Use it as your main cleaning agent along with a quality micro-fiber cloth. You can also use a mild detergent to remove stubborn grease if your windows get too dirty. Just stay out of harmful ingredients like ammonia and bleach because it weakens your tinted window.

3. Talk to Your car Tint Provider

Yes, customer service is not just for people with problems or complaints! It’s also a privilege for the curious and knowledge-hungry car owners. If you have questions regarding your car, or your window tint, do not hesitate to dial their number! Call them, ask the questions and learn from them. Unlike other mobile car tint hacks, this requires communicating with the experts but it’s equally beneficial.

4. Keep Your Valuables Safe

Your valuables are only safe and secure when you keep them in your protection. But you can’t possibly carry them every hour of every single day! So, why not keep them secured inside your tinted car instead? If you put them in a strategic place, thieves won’t be able to spot them.  Tinted window also provides more privacy, so stay calm because criminals will find it hard to see the inside your car.

To conclude, the mentioned mobile car tint hacks are very easy to follow. Try them now and level up your car experience!