4 Tips on How to Lower Auto Window Tinting Cost

4 Tips on How to Lower Auto Window Tinting Cost

Despite the benefits it brings, some car owners are reluctant to get their car windows tinted because of auto window tinting cost. After all, window tints can cost anywhere from $50 to $800. Tint jobs using conventional and non-reflective films usually cost from $50 to $600. Meanwhile, those who opt for high-quality tints like carbon, ceramic, or metallic window films should be prepared to shell out $100 to $800.

Aside from the price of the window film, other factors like the degree of the shade or the installer also determine the cost of a tint job. Luckily, there are things that one can do to reduce cost. Here are 4 tips on how to lower auto window tinting cost.  

  • Bring Your Own Materials

Some car tint providers might charge extra if the materials for the tint installation will be coming from them. You’ll also be expected to shoulder additional service fees in cases where they might have to order new materials. Providing your own window film can definitely reduce the cost of the tint job. You can visit any hardware store and ask for affordable window films.

  • Go for Black Colored Tints

The tint color also affects how much you’ll pay for having your car windows tinted. Black window tints are cheaper than colored window films. The prices of colored tints also vary. Depending on the quality, color, and kind, the price can be double what you will pay for black tints. Also, bear in mind that every state has different laws with regards to window tints. Some states ban the use of red or yellow tints on car windows while other areas allow only a certain shade for black tints. Always check your state’s window tinting laws to be on the safe side.

  • Ask for Quotes and Compare Estimates

Some window tint installers can provide you with a free cost estimate of the project. Check out different auto shops and request for an estimate. Compare and select the most affordable one. However, an estimate does not determine how much the project will cost. But it’s one way to gauge how much you would have to spend and help you narrow down your choice of auto shop.

  • Do the Job Yourself

Another way of reducing auto window tinting cost is to do the job yourself. The prevalence of ready-made window tint application kits and numerous how-to videos online has led car owners to down the DIY road. Plus, a lot of DIY kits come with simple but thorough instructions on how to apply the window film. All you need to do is to follow the directions.

There’s no need for drivers to delay from getting their car windows tinted. There are ways to reduce auto window tinting cost so that car owners can enjoy all the benefits that tinted windows provide.