5 Easy Steps to Apply Mobile Window Tint on Your Own Car

5 Easy Steps to Apply Mobile Window Tint on Your Own Car

Applying mobile window tint on your car is not that easy. Although it does not require any unique or special skills, you still need guidance in doing it yourself.

Most owners just bring their vehicles in a car window tinting shop to skip all the stress. However, if you are into DIY window tinting, below are five steps on how to install mobile window tint on your own.

  • Understand Local Tinting Laws

Know your state’s car tinting laws. Keep in mind that each state has its own car window tinting regulations. Some prohibit total black tinting. Others permit it, but only for back windows.

Professionals are aware of these regulations. You can inquire with them or just do the research by yourself.

  • Choose the Right Materials

The most common car window tint films are carbon, ceramic, metallic, and dyed. Understanding your local tinting laws will help you choose the appropriate material.

Application methods vary as well. The most popular is the film method as it is the cheapest and can be done in your own backyard.

  • Ready Your Car and the Items Needed

Ensure that your car windows are cleaned spotless before application. Check for any weather stripping residues on the window gaskets and the window itself. Remove them to avoid bulges.

Trace and cut your chosen auto window tint film. You can initially do it on nylon paper then re-trace on the actual film to lessen wasted material. Allot at least one or two inches of extra film on all sides to cover the entire window.

  • Apply the Tint

Spray the tinting application solution then carefully apply the mobile window tint on the surfaces of the windows.

First, peel off about a third of the liner protection as you flatten the film on the glass. Move downward as you pull the liner off completely. Press the film up to the window edges. Make sure that every area you want coated is covered.

  • Ensure no Air Bubbles

Smoothen the film from the middle going outward to make sure no air bubbles are left. You can also use a hard object to flatten, just don’t forget to wrap it in a towel. Pat down more of the application solution with a squeegee to finalize the installation.

Tinting your car windows can be more cost-effective than hiring professional help. As long as you are careful and you follow the basic guidelines, DIY mobile window tint application is possible.