• 5 Essential DIY Auto Window Tinting Tools You Need to Prepare

5 Essential DIY Auto Window Tinting Tools You Need to Prepare

Preparing the necessary window tinting tools is the first step for vehicle owners who like to do tinting on their own. The five tools listed below are the most essential for auto window tinting and are commonly used even by professionals.

Knife or Razor Blade

A set of window tinting tools is not complete without a knife or a single-edged razor blade. It is mainly used for cutting car window tint and trimming it to the required size. The hard edge of the blade is also utilized as a scraper for scrubbing out old tints for replacement or scraping unwanted debris.

Bonus tip: Pick a knife that has break-away blades. This way you have an available sharp edge every time you need one.

Hard Card

Hard cards are used in car window tinting to press out the liquid solution used in mounting the film. They are handy and easy to grip, which allows you to pass through the hard-to-reach areas of the windows with ease. They come in a several types of shapes and rigidity.

Bonus tip: A hard card can also be used as a scraper and guide when trimming tint films, making it, perhaps, one of the most versatile tinting tools in your window tinting gear.


Although they are larger and occupy more area, squeegees work much like hard cards when it comes to squeezing out liquid. Also, squeegees are made of rubber, while hard cards are made of plastic. It is the most common tool associated with window tinting.

Bonus tip: Use the squeegee first before finishing the work with a hard card.

Spray Bottle

A sprayer will be the container of the mounting solution after preparing it in a pail.

Bonus tip: It is better to spray the solution than to pour it directly onto the window tint film. In that way, you can control the level of saturation that the films will have.

Heat Gun

A heat gun is used to heat up the tint film and make it stick tighter to the glass window after installation.

Bonus tip: Heating the film is a basic step to give your tints a smoother appearance.

Other important window tinting tools that are not included in the list are a ruler and thin marker for measuring the sizes of windows and tint films, a bucket to pour in the mounting solution, and some lint-free cloths or paper towels for wiping.

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