5 Must-Know Window Tinting Tips and Tricks for Your Vehicle

5 Must-Know Window Tinting Tips and Tricks for Your Vehicle

Car window tint is a great way to gain the elegance and privacy you want for your car. It also reduces glare, protects your upholstery from fading, provides safety for passengers and blocks the UV rays from heating up your car.

Here are 5 window tinting tips and tricks for your vehicle that you should know:

  • Make Sure to Follow Window Tinting Laws

This is one of the window tinting tips and tricks that you should really follow to avoid consequences. Make sure to check the window tinting laws in your location. The federal regulations stated that window tint for cars should allow at least 70% of light to pour through the front windows. And car owners can only tint the upper 4-6 inches of the car’s windshield. Other laws depend on your state or area.

However, there are states that forbid window tints with colors like blue, red, yellow and amber. While in other states, only law enforcement authorities are allowed to use colored car tints.

  • Gather the Right Supplies

After choosing the appropriate window tint for your car, make sure that you have also gathered other supplies that you need before proceeding with the window tint installation. It is also advised to make a weather check so that the application would not be interrupted by the rain.

Here are the tools or supplies that you will need in applying window tint:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Masking Tape
  • Baby Shampoo and Bottled Water
  • Spray Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Butcher Paper
  • Small Squeegee or Old Credit Card

  • Prepare the Area

The vehicle’s glass should be perfectly clean so that the window tint will bond well on the windows. Prepare the area by washing your entire car with soap and water. Take note that you should use soap that is made for washing automobile. After washing the car, dry it with a lint free towel.

  • Avoid and Remove Bubbles

Use a squeegee to install the film diagonally, starting from the upper left corner to avoid bubbles. You can make use of a heat gun so that the film will shrink evenly on the glass. This will also make the water evaporate and improve the film’s adhesion.

  • Care for Window Tint Properly

This is one of the most important window tinting tricks and trips that you should keep in mind after the window tint is installed. After the installation, you should wait for 3 days for the window to dry before lowering your windows. You should not clean your car’s window for 30 days.

After 30 days, you can clean your windows by using ammonia-free window cleaner and a cloth made of soft materials.

There are other window tinting tips and tricks, but those mentioned were the basic and must-know tips for people who will install window tint for the first time.