7 Useful Tips On Car Tint Cleaning And Maintenance

7 Useful Tips On Car Tint Cleaning And Maintenance

The quality of your car tint primarily depends on the brand or the tint material used and how it was treated correctly into the windows. However, its performance durability will also depend on how you properly care for it.

In taking care and maintaining your mobile window tint, several tips might be useful.

1. Avoid Using Stickers and Suction Cups on Your Tint

 As much as possible, don’t use sticker or suction cups on your treated car windows. It damages the surface of the tint when removing, and it can affect the properties of the tint and its usefulness.

2. Don’t Wash the Window Tints First When Cleaning Your Car

A lot of people think that a window tint is a delicate part when washing a car, so they clean it first. But, that is not a smart practice since debris and dirt often stick when cleaning other parts of the vehicle and will only attach to the cleaned window. Then, you have to rewash it, and that is just as waste of time.

3. Don’t Use Sharp Things and Tools Near Your Window Tint

Using sharp and pointed tools near your car tint should be avoided at all cost. It can puncture and damage the tint, and that is something that no one wants to happen.

4.Choose Cleaners Wisely

In cleaning a window tint, there are several things you have to keep in mind. But, most importantly, you have to remember to use only soft cloth or paper towels that won’t scratch the surface of the car tint.

5. Be Mindful in Using Glass Cleaners

Not all glass cleaners are safe for tinted windows. Those that are blue-colored cleaners are something that you should never use because of its ammonia content. It can damage the tint over time.

6. Clean Your Car After Being Soaked in Rain

Rainwater can often have acidic particles which are not good for treated windows. When your car was rained, make sure that you wash it before parking it in the garage, or there might be splatters and spots you can see on the surface of the tint the next day.

7. Wipe the Car Tint After Cleaning

It is important to remember to wipe a mobile window tint with a clean cloth after washing it,especially when you are using hardwater. There might be particles and debris sticking to the tinted surface that can cause damage in the long run.

Keep your car tint in excellent condition, and it will last as long as it promised it would.