Best Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Window Tint

Best Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Window Tint

Cleaning and maintaining your car window tint should not be complicated. You only need a few items and most of them can actually be found around your home. However, there are some things you do need to remember to effectively prolong the life of your tinting near Longwood FL.

The following are some of the best ways to clean and maintain your car window tint:

1. Wash in a shaded area.

Make sure to pick a shady spot to wash your car mirror window tint around Longwood FL. Direct sunlight can cause your cleaning solutions to dry out fast, which would leave unwanted residue on your car windows that could be hard to wipe off.

However, be careful parking underneath trees as branches might fall. Under a garage roof is still the best spot when cleaning car tint around Longwood FL.

2. Use mild cleaning products only.

Soapy water is enough to clean your tint auto in Longwood FL. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the tint film as well as the car’s paint.

Avoid any ammonia-based cleaners. Ammonia-based liquids, usually blue in color, are damaging to window tint. Use a spray bottle when cleaning as you do not need your windows to be too wet.

Use a mild dishwashing liquid in a bucket for grimy or soiled windows. Mix around one teaspoon of dishwashing soap for every gallon of water.

3. Use soft rags only.

Only use soft rags, if possible microfiber or lint-free cloths, to ensure the safety of your glass windows. This is especially true if you went for cheap tint near me around Longwood FL. Microfiber cloths are specially designed to clean sensitive glass surfaces and are perfect for your car tints.

4. Recognize tint-damaging items.

A car window film is not that sensitive, but there are certain things that can damage it beyond repair. For example, razor blades or any other sharp tools can scratch your tints to the point that replacing them is the only solution.

Use a hard card covered with a thin microfiber towel when removing any solid dirt on your windows. Using a small pin to puncture tiny holes and release air bubbles is also better than scraping your tints with abrasive tools.

As in everything, tints can also last longer if you know how to clean and take care of them properly. Do more research as the above tips are just some of the basic information you need to know when cleaning and maintaining a window tint.