Can You Install Car Window Tint Over A Factory Tint?

Can You Install Car Window Tint Over A Factory Tint?

It is common these days for new vehicles to come with a factory window tint. Most new car models come with at least a visible light transmission percentage (VLT %) of 15%. Factory tints are commonly installed on all windows except the front passenger’s and the windshield.

Most new car owners are not contented with factory car tints and still would like to have window tint paper in Wekiva Springs FL installed in their car windows. This is because factory tints are mostly just for aesthetic and privacy purposes.

Factory tints are only able to reduce a small amount of glare, but they do not block off the UV rays for the protection of the car occupants. It also is not able to block most of the glare that goes through the windshield to ensure safe driving under the scourging heat.

Engaging a tint service around Wekiva Springs FL even when your car has factory tint is still a better option. Most new car owners do not mind having to pay extra for glass tinting prices near Wekiva Springs FL as long as they are able to effectively deal with the sun while inside their cars.

The question now is, if you opt for a new automotive tint near me around Wekiva Springs FL for tint application, what do you do with the factory installed tint on your windows?

Car tinting services can provide you with two options if your new car comes with a factory tint:

1. Match the vehicle factory tint with a professional window tint film application. Most factory tints are installed only in rear windows. So you can install tinting films on the passenger windows and windshield.

Most factory tints on rear windows are non-reflective tints and can be easily matched. Most also come with a 15%- 26% VLT percentage in the rear windows.

Most state laws dictate that front windows and windshields should be of a lighter shade. So, if you want to match the shade and color of the factory tints for rear windows, your front window and windshield tints need to come with a lower VLT %.

2. Install a tinting film over the factory tint. Factory tints are actually only pigments that darken the glass so a new tinting film can be installed over these pigments.

It may sound weird to have a new window tint installed over a factory-processed ting for your windows. The truth of the matter is factory tints only provide darker windows for privacy and aesthetic purposes.

Aftermarket tints on the windows, on the other hand, provide privacy and protection for the driver and passengers.  This makes tint pros prices near Wekiva Springs FL not a big issue for most new car owners.

Protection from the harmful rays of the sun is more important than the aesthetic and privacy benefits that factory tints are able to provide. This means that it is not enough for a new car to only have a factory window tint.