Car Window Tinting Prices: Which One Is for You?

Car Window Tinting Prices: Which One Is for You?

The craft of window tinting is not for everyone. Although some people can flawlessly tint any vehicle without a sweat, others are not just as talented in this field. If you are one of the latter and you’d rather let the master tinters do the service for you, it is important to know the costs that you must pay to get the tint that you want.

Fly-by-Night Tinting Shops

There’s always a cheap version of everything, and if you want your car to avail one, you are free to do so. The cheapest car window tinting prices that you can encounter can range from $30 to $50. But if it’s too cheap to be true, you must think thrice if you want to really get this. Remember, a business would not give you a service without asking you for the right price that’s worth their product quality.

If you don’t need it badly now, try to earn a little more money for a better tint service. Do not go galloping to the cheapest fly-by-night shop or you might pay more when results don’t turn out well.

High-Tech Mobile Tinting Shops

Car window tinting prices in high-tech shops ranges from $180 to $250. As the name describes, these shops are known to use advanced technology in installing car tints and window films. There are some who uses nano-ceramic, a quality tint service that costs from $200 to $500 depending on the car model. If you want to achieve up to 95 % of heat rejection, this service is the one for you.

To be fair, the car window tinting prices of these high-tech shops are mostly inclusive of lifetime warranty, a benefit that you’ll rarely get from a not-so-established shop. You can also ensure that no cracking, blistering, peeling, and bubbling will happen to your tinted windows. You may pay a high price, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Freelance Expert Car Tinter

If you know someone who is expert in car tinting, you can ask him/her for a service quote. This may come cheaper than directing to a tinting shop but also safer than settling a fly-by-night shop. Some car tinters are addicted to their craft so if you make a reasonable price suggestion, they might say yes.  

Again, remember that car window tinting prices will always depend on the quality that you’re willing to pay.