Do-It-Yourself Auto Window Tint Guide for Your Car

Do-It-Yourself Auto Window Tint Guide for Your Car

You probably would like to save on that extra $300–$500 on the cost of labor tinting for the windows of your car. Apart from that, you still need to spend for the window film for your auto window tint. Learn how you can save a big chunk from your window tint budget if you know how to follow a simple guide in tinting your car windows.

Primarily, you need to assemble all the things you need for a window tinting job. Basically, you need a roll of window film (of your choice, of course!) and some auto window film supplies like a solution for its application, cleaning cloth, razor, scraper blade, squeegee, and heat gun. Ensure that you have all this stuff and at the same time an ample space to work that is dust-free. Always remember that in tinting, you also have to see to it that you do the job minus the extremes of temperature, that is, too hot or too cold.

The first task that you should do in your auto window tint work is to prepare the windows. That means you need to apply the solution on the inside of the window without over-spraying the door trims. After you are done, take out your scraper blade and scrape from top to bottom the dirt or any form of debris from the window. Do this gently all throughout, or you will scratch the glass with the blade.

Now, with a squeegee, scrape any debris left by working on the same top-down direction on the window and from side to side.

Use the application solution on the outside of the window and roll the window tint film on top of it with the protective film in an upward direction. This will ensure that the window film is held in place as you trim it to its size, at the same time allowing you to move the film for accuracy. With squeegee, run it over the window tint to make sure it does move. This step can be skipped if you have already purchased pre-cut auto window tint that fits the right size of your window.

Lastly fix the film with a clear tape and peel the protective liner emasculating the adhesive surface of the tint. Once removed, simply discard the protective liner from the outside and then fold back the bottom edge while avoiding the door trim.

Installing your own auto window tint is a piece of cake work, really!