Easy Tips for Cleaning Window Tints Made Easier

Easy Tips for Cleaning Window Tints Made Easier

These tips for cleaning window tints will surely help you save money and time. Money – because you don’t need to go to that tinting shop in town just to let them clean your windows; and time – because you can use your time to run some other important errands for your work or spend it with your family.

Here are some tips for cleaning window tints that you can keep in mind when you clean your window tint.

Natural Cleaning

All you need are your microfiber cloths and a spray bottle of water.Start by spraying a little amount of water to your windows. Wipe your windows using the microfiber cloth in vertical manner. After that, you can wipe it horizontally to make sure that streaks and water droplets are dissolved. If there are streaks or dirt left, you can repeat the whole method. After cleaning the outer windows clean the inner ones, too.

Glass Cleaner

In this method, you will need an ammonia-free glass cleaner and lint-free cloth. Make sure to use glass cleaner with no ammonia such as foaming glass cleaners. To avoid any spots on the interior parts of your windows, spray the cleaner not directly into the glass, but into your cloth.

Make sure that you wipe vertically then horizontally quickly since glass cleaners tend to dry out quickly.

You may see some streaks or dirt in your glass. This may be caused by a dirty cloth. You can just repeat the whole method, but make sure to use a cleaner cloth.

For Very Dirty Windows

For those who have gone to off roads or adventurous activities with their cars and left it too dirty to clean, you can still clean your windows by following these tips for cleaning window tints. All you need is a bucket of warm water, soft sponge, dishwashing soap (with grease-cutting formula), and a microfiber cloth.

Dissolve a teaspoon of dishwashing soap in a bucket of warm water. Make sure that it does not get too sudsy. Then, soak your sponge into the water. After wringing it out,start cleaning your windows up to the edges. When the sponge gets dirty, soak it in the water again.

These methods will surely help you in making tint cleaning less of a hassle and less from the expenses. Follow these tips for cleaning window tints for clean and aesthetically noticeable windows.