How to Apply, Repair, and Maintain a Vehicle Window Tint

How to Apply, Repair, and Maintain a Vehicle Window Tint

Most cars today are equipped with window tint. It contributes to the overall physical appeal of a vehicle. Also, it serves as a protective film that minimizes the amount of UV rays that passes through the glass.

With the increased popularity of this product, many companies that offer tint repair, maintenance, and installation services have opened their doors to the public.

In fact, there are shops that offer mobile auto tint near Orlando FL. However, most tinting services cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to spend a few hundred bucks to have their windows tinted.

How to Install a Car Glass Tint on Your Own

Before you can start to apply a car tint film near Orlando FL, you should scrub the auto glass first. It’s important to remove every trace of oil, grime, or another type of residue to prevent the formation of bubbles. Repeat this process at least three times to remove the impurities.

After cleaning the glass, you will need to measure each panel so that you can trim the window foil near Orlando FL accordingly. It may be more difficult to work on curved auto glass, so you might need an assistant to work with you. Once you’ve obtained the measurement, you can proceed to trim the film. Then, you can apply the adhesive and place the film on top of the glass.

DIY Car Window Film Repair and Maintenance: Is It Possible?

Repairing and maintaining your car’s glass tint is possible if you have the required tools and materials. For window film maintenance, you should use microfiber to avoid damaging the film. You must also use mild soap to prevent the discoloration of the film. If you spot any signs of damage on the film, you can remove it using steam and ammonia.

If You’re Unsure, Call for Help

Nothing can be worse than removing a badly installed window tint and repeating the entire installation process. You may need to use chemicals like ammonia and equipment like steamer to dissolve the adhesive holding the tint and the protective film underneath. If you think you can’t manage the repair process on your own, we recommend calling for a professional service.

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Need help repairing, maintaining or installing your auto window tint? Call us, and we’ll book your appointment right away.