How to Tell When You Car Needs New Mobile Window Tint

How to Tell When You Car Needs New Mobile Window Tint

Applying mobile window tint is a standard addition to new cars, yet it is something which people always tend to neglect.  There are different shades available in the market—from a light shade to a dark, nearly opaque shade – each catering to different tastes.

There is a host of advantages to applying mobile window tints on car windows. These include better visibility, protection from the sun’s harsh rays, shatter proofing, and privacy and security, among others.  But, how long does window tint last and when do you know it’s time for a change?

Quality Matters

Auto window tinting cost can be expensive and the temptation to settle for cheaper, low-quality tints is constant. Sub-par mobile window tint, however, starts fading a few months or even weeks after installation, particularly when exposed to intense sunlight.  

Tints that are not up to snuff are prone to streak, and they also tend to bubble prematurely, which leads to peeling and drying of adhesive.  Exposure to severe weather, as well as using ammonia-based products to clean the windows will cause the tint to fade quickly, decreasing the tint life by as much as two years.  As the tint gets bleached down to less than 50% of the original shade, it’s time to schedule a change in car tints.

Tinting Done Right

An improperly applied car tint is one that will quickly deteriorate.  Such thing should be replaced immediately, even if newly applied.  Poorly applied tints that bubble and peel easily and cause scratches on the windows, as well as those that deteriorate faster are easy to spot.  

Peeling edges scratches that suddenly appear on the window, and marks that seem to get larger each time the window is put into use are all red flags you need to address the soonest possible time.  Don’t just apply adhesive to try to do spot treatment of the area – peeling, scrapes, and fading are all signs that there is an urgent need for some new mobile window tint.

Choosing the right mobile car tint service is more crucial than you think.  The right company will provide not only a variety of shades to suit your needs but also experienced service advisors that can help you make the right decision.   Why not head on over to to experience quality service that fits your budget?

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