Professional Advice for Automotive Window Tint Repair

Professional Advice for Automotive Window Tint Repair

Window tint installation is great but automotive window tint repair is another thing. Window tint can last a long time provided that it is taken care of and well-maintained. But there are instances that repair is required to avoid expensive window tint reinstallation. Here are the ways on how to fix automotive window tint.

Bad Window Tint job That Needs to be Repaired

  1. If the window tint is installed by a professional check if it is covered within the warranty period. You can call them to notify them of the situation. Then, ask them to repair the window tint.
  2. In case that it is out of warranty, you can hire a professional to redo the installation or you can fix it yourself.
  3. If you end up doing the job on your own, start gathering all the materials needed for the process. This includes air dryer, safety pin, spray bottle, and straight edge.
  4. Make sure to repair the window tint if the outside temperature is at least 75 degrees. It is easier to work on window tint on a sunny day.
  5. Wet the window. It will help loosen the window tint. You can now smoothen the bubbles out.
  6. There are several ways of getting the bubbles out. You can use a hard plastic card such as a credit card or debit card to release the air. Another option is the use of a safety pin. You can pop the bubbles and wait for them to disappear over time.

In the event that repair is not an option, you can choose to remove the automotive window tint yourself. The following are the steps on removing window tint. 

  1. This process also requires the help of the sun. This must be done on a hot day.
  2. Cut a garbage bag in window shape. Wet it by applying soapy water using a spray bottle. Smoothen out the plastic bag.
  3. Ammonia fumes can be harmful to you and to the interior of the car. Make sure to use a mask. The interior of the car must be covered.
  4. Trap the ammonia using the other piece of plastic or trash bag. It will help peel the window film all at one piece.
  5. Carefully peel it off using hard card or razor.
  6. Clean the window using soft cloth. Make sure not to leave any residue. The window is ready for reinstallation.

These are ways on how you can reduce the costs of fixing automotive window tint.