Step-by-Step Guide for a Do-It-Yourself Boat Window Tinting

Tint and film application for cars can be learned through online tutorials nowadays, but is it also possible to have your boat window tinting job done at the comfort of your own garage with the help of tutorials online? The answer is yes, it is! So, here is the list of the steps to begin with your do-it-yourself boat window tint.

Fit the Tint

The first step is to fit the tint of your choice. This is if you don’t have the pre-cut film ready. These tints are now available mostly online. It is advisable for beginners to use the pre-cut kind of film to avoid accidentally cutting the boat window directly while fitting and measuring the film. Your boat window tinting job could be safer, more convenient, and will finish sooner.

Spray Clean

Next, clean the boat window. Using a spray bottle could be a wise choice as is puts pressure on the water to the window pane for a scrub-free cleaning. After the water cleaning, wipe the window with a smooth fabric, preferably a cotton cloth for scratch-free cleaning. Secure a residue-free glass window through a squeegee. This tool will surely remove all the possible dirt deposits left from simply wiping.

Put the Tint on It

Gently put the tint to the boat window to avoid lumps and bubbles during the application. Make sure to apply the film to the correct side, corners, and edges of the boat frame to prevent from removing it again.

Smooth It Out

Using a blue gasket push stick or a bone tool, flatten the tint gently against the window to remove the unwanted bubbles. A hard card is also used to flatten the tint and ensure that it will remain intact.

Heat It

Aside from heating the film, the heat gun is used to seal the tint film to the boat window. While heating the tint, glide a squeegee horizontally to eliminate the moisture and air lumps. Repeat the steps to the windows from the other side of the boat you want to get a window tinting job for boats done.

Online window tinting tutorials are indeed a big help for boat owners who want to get this done without paying excessively. There’s no harm in trying, especially if you only have a limited budget for this marine automotive service. However, it is still best to have your boat window tinting installed by a pro.