Take Note Of These Useful Tips On DIY Window Tinting For Cars

Take Note Of These Useful Tips On DIY Window Tinting For Cars

Why go for professionals when you have DIY window tinting for cars that can be bought at the nearest store? As much as we want an expert to do the job, we may find it exciting and may afford less if we do the job ourselves.

You will need a solution for window-tint application, a razor knife, lint-free cloth for cleaning, scraper blade, heat gun, and a squeegee. Work in a clean area and do not do the job in an area where it is too hot or too cold. Before you proceed, remember always to be guided by your state’s window tinting laws to fully be satisfied with your DIY window tinting for cars.

You start the preparation by applying the solution inside the window, but make sure to not over-spray all over the casing around the door frame.

Starting from the top, use the scraper and run across (gently) the window and down to remove all the grime, dust, and debris. Avoid scratching the glass as well.

Use the squeegee and run it all over the window from one side to the other. Start from top going to the bottom to eradicate any left solution.

Facing upward, put the solution on the exterior of the glass and roll the film on the glass. Make sure that the protective-film layer is facing upward. With the solution, it will be easier to cut the tint and will help you as well to control the film with precision.

Make sure the tint does not move by running the squeegee.

Use the window gasket as a template and before cutting the bottom of the glass, move the film up for approximately half an inch.

Use a clear tape and position the film in the window corner and start peeling the liner. Don’t forget to spray some solution to the adhesive surface of the film. Take out the film and discard the protective liner.

Lastly, have the squeegee wrapped in a cloth free from lint and use it for the window absorbing any solution leftover and if ever some bubbles are seen, use your heat gun gently and warm the area and with the use of the squeegee, run the bubble down to the edge of the window. Repeat these until complete.

DIY window tinting for cars is considered to be easier and more affordable than the tinting shops. You just have to make sure that you are following every step in your DIY window tinting for cars correctly and with precision.