Things Tint Experts Would Want to Tell You About Automotive Film

Things Tint Experts Would Want to Tell You About Automotive Film

Window tinting is often viewed as something that can be done without the help of a professional. As a result, people don’t usually get the outcome that they want with their automotive film.

Some people tend to blame the quality of automotive film if the installation ends up being a failure. Think about it. If you put yourself in the shoes of the tint buyers, wouldn’t you be devastated too? Of course, you would. But no frustration would be greater than that of the tint professionals who can do nothing but watch people ruin their tints.

After talking to some of the best tint installers in the region, here are some of the things that they wish they could tell car owners.

Window Tint Isn’t Magic

Apart from being an image booster for cars, automotive film is also known for its ability to give people health benefits and many other things. Thus, some people think that they can do whatever they want after they have installed tint in their cars.

Window tint may be capable of doing a lot of things, but there is absolutely nothing magical about it. Window tint didn’t come from your fairy godmother. It came from the tint shop you bought it from.

With that, if you want your tint to last, then you need to take good care of it. This includes giving it regular cleansing to remove the dirt and debris that can ruin it overtime.

A Window Tint Isn’t a Sticker

People mistakenly think that window tinting is the easiest thing to do in the world; when it is quite the opposite. There is a process in window tinting that needs to be done correctly to be efficient.

One has to have an experience and knowledge to install the tint correctly. It is encouraged that you seek professional help when installing tint for the first time.

The Installation Is the Most Important Part

There is another reason why seeking professional help is recommended in window tinting. Doing something wrong in during installation will invalidate the purpose of the tint. If you miss just one detail, then you can just forget about the tint working out for you. It just won’t work. You will be forced to buy a new one and have it reinstalled.


Everyone loves doing things their way. But if people let themselves get caught off guard every time, then they are the one to suffer. Automotive film installations are more complicated than they appear. Remember to keep the tips above in mind the next time you decide to tint your car.