Things to Consider Before Putting Graphic Window Tint to Your Car

Things to Consider Before Putting Graphic Window Tint to Your Car

Installing window tints for vehicles are now becoming a trend for most car owners. But there is one innovation in window tinting that is quickly claiming the stage. That innovation is the graphic window tinting. It’s the familiar window tints, but these have cool images printed on them.  

Most enthusiasts choose this option because it can level up their game. The appearance of the car will surely become a chick magnet. Other than its apparent effect in making your car look cooler than before, graphic window tint also provides benefits like the regular ones. It can block UV rays, reduce glare, and enhance privacy.

However, before calling the nearest tinting shop for the installation of graphic window tint, you have to weign these factors first:

What is the Lifespan of the Graphic Tint?

Is there a difference between the lifespan of a regular tint and a graphic tint? Normally, there is none. However, this is always dependent on different factors such as the quality of the tint used, the climate in your area, and the amount of exposure to the elements. But you don’t need to dodge all the bird poops because graphic window tint can last for more than 10 years – depending on your recklessness in cleaning it.

Will It Take Longer to Install?

The hard part really is in the choice of the graphic window tint design because it’s like a tattoo for your car. You have to choose very carefully what you want to avoid regrets. But the application of the tint normally takes 45 minutes to one hour depending on the quickness of the service provider. It’s also dependent on the number of windows to be tinted. If you want a full installation, including the back windshield of the car, it would take around half a day before the dealer can let your drive the vehicle.

Does Your Dealer Know the Rules?

You also have to consider the warranty that the window tinting service provider is offering. The length of the warranty prior to the service should be transparent between you and the dealer. Without this, you’re better off finding another installer.

The dealer must also be updated with all the tinting rules and regulations in your local area. It is very essential to ask your dealer if they know the current laws about tinting in your particular state or city. Otherwise, you might find yourself pulling over because the cops are behind your car.