Tint Near Me: Easy Tips for Window Tint Maintenance

Tint Near Me: Easy Tips for Window Tint Maintenance

The “tint near me” phrase will help you find the right window tint for your vehicle, but you would also need to know how to properly take care of your window tint for it to last long. Regardless of quality, window tint is subject to any damage if not properly maintained. Below are some effective tips to help you take care of your window tint.

Three Golden Rules

Follow these three rules if window tint has just been installed on your vehicle:

  • Avoid lowering your windows for 72 hours
  • Don’t clean your windows for 72 hours
  • Keep away from ammonia products when cleaning your windows

Cleaning Methods

When cleaning tinted windows near Apopka FL or wherever you are, you would need the following materials:

  • Paper towels or microfiber cloths
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge

Method 1: Cleaning the windows naturally

Vehicle window tinting in Apopka FL uses thin plastic film. Using incompatible chemicals on it can cause damage. If your tinted windows are slightly streaked or soiled, you can just clean them naturally. Apply a small amount of mist onto the glass. Then wipe the surface vertically, and then horizontally, using your microfiber cloth or paper towel. Repeat the process until the window is fully cleaned.

Method 2: Cleaning the car windows using a glass cleaner

When choosing a glass cleaner, be careful of ammonia products as they would damage your window tint in the long run. Blue-colored cleaners usually contain ammonia, so it would be wise to avoid them.

The essential cleaning materials and processes are similar to the first method, only this time, you would be using a glass cleaner instead of water. Also, you should clean quickly because glass cleaners dry fast. This method applies to commercial window tinting around Apopka FL.

Method 3: Cleaning very dirty tinted windows

Your car’s interior windows could be very dirty due to some factors. It is the most common scenario for those who smoke inside their car. The Residue that sticks in your car’s windows can be hard to remove. Soap and water mixture is the best solution, followed by the standard cleaning process to get rid of streaks. For more treatment options, you should see for yourself, and look for “tint near me” on the web.

If you find anything wrong on your tinted windows as you clean them, contact a certified mechanic to have them inspected immediately. It would prevent further damage to your window tint. Note that some shops offer various tinting services such as RV window tint near Apopka FL and precision window tinting near Apopka FL.

For more useful tips, you can ask your chosen window tint installer, or you can look up online with the phrase “tint near me”.