Top Car Window Tinting Myths That You Need to Know

Top Car Window Tinting Myths That You Need to Know

There are a lot of myths about car window tinting services. Many people refuse to have their car windows tinted because they are misinformed. Have you heard of any window tinting myths before? If not, then you should read on to find out the most common misconceptions about car glass tinting. 

It is NOT Worth it to Avail of a Tinting Service

While it may seem expensive for some people, getting your car tinted is still a worthwhile investment. A car window tinting service usually costs around $25 per auto glass. Tinting smaller cars and trucks can cost at least $125. If you have a larger vehicle, then you may pay around $175 to tint all your auto glass.

Window Tint Can Strengthen Auto Glass

There have been a lot of claims that window films can strengthen glass, but experts say that it’s not true. Tints can’t prevent glass breakage. The film can only prevent the glass shards from scattering all over your car. Tints are only used to conceal the belongings you leave inside your auto.

Auto Glass Tint Service is Expensive

Many prefer using DIY kits over a car window tinting service because they are afraid of the latter’s cost. However, if you would consider the risk of making major tint installation mistakes, then it is far better to avail of a professional service instead.

As mentioned earlier, you may spend at least $125 for a complete tinting service if you have a small vehicle. While DIY kits can cost around a few hundred bucks, there is no guarantee that you can succeed in installing the film the first time.

Car Tint is Only for Aesthetic Purposes

Car tints are mostly used to enhance the appearance of a car. By using the right kind of tint, you can give your car a whole new look. Aside from upgrading your auto’s physical appeal, tints can also be used to protect the interior from prying eyes.

It also functions as an effective UV filter. Tints also minimize the amount of light and heat that passes through the glass. You can save energy consumption from reducing the use of your car AC, and prevent damage caused by light exposure.

Window Films Can Distort your Vision

Some car owners complain that their auto glass tint distorts their vision. This may be true for the low-quality glass tints. But, if you avail of a top-of-the-line tint, then you can avoid any distortion issues. Top companies provide a wide range of tinting options that can work for any budget.

Now that we have debunked the five most common tinting myths, we hope that we have completely cleared your doubts about window films. It’s about time that you enjoy a premium-quality window film for your favorite auto!

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