What Are the Top Window Tint Brands of the Year?

What Are the Top Window Tint Brands of the Year?

Having a window tint installed on your car or residence is a good investment. After all, a good window film provides numerous benefits, like reducing interior heat by 60% or blocking most of the UV rays that stream in through the window.

Most of the window films that will crop up when you search for “window tinting near me around Oviedo FL” technically offer the same benefits. But this doesn’t mean that all brands are equal. Here are some that stood out among the rest:

3M Window Films for Tinted Auto Windows

Getting a 3M auto window tint in Oviedo FL is a good option. The pioneering window film company offers conventional tints while remaining relentless in its pursuit of improving tinting technology.

So far, the company has come out with cutting-edge products like crystalline tint. This window film is thinner than Post-It notes and can provide great heat- and UV-blocking benefits. This is also recommended for those looking for self-tinting car windows around Oviedo FL.

Huper Optik Ceramic Window Films for Vehicles

German company Huper Optik is one of the best ceramic window tint manufacturers today. The heat rejection level of this company’s window films can only be matched by non-ceramic, really dark window tints.

The company offers dyed and metallic window films, but their expertise lies in ceramic tints. Huper Optik’s distinct nano-ceramic technology allows them to make ceramic films that provide clear visibility even at darker levels. Their films are admittedly pricey but are designed to last long.

San Diego’s LLumar window film products

LLumar is another breakout brand. The company carries numerous window tint products, but they’re more known for their metallic window films. LLumar uses a multi-layer technique to come up with films that have darker shades but are resistant to fading.

 Solar Gard Window Film and Tinting Products

Aside from thinking about “how to tint windows around Oviedo FL,” you should also consider choosing Solar Gard films for your home or car. The brand is known for its wide variety of products, like ceramic-based films, dyed films, and metallic films. The brand’s ceramic films are touted to reduce UV ray penetration to near zero, while the dyed films prevent electronic interference. Meanwhile, their metallic window films give surprising visibility even when darker shades are used.

More importantly, Solar Gard gives customers limited lifetime warranties. Having the confidence to back their window films can only mean the company is proud of their product’s quality.

Car and home owners are spoiled for choice when they Google “window tinting in my area around Oviedo FL.” While most films have similar features, others just stand out. The aforementioned brands are some of the best window tint manufacturers this year.