Window Tint Near Me: Choosing The Right Darkness For Vehicles

Window Tint Near Me: Choosing The Right Darkness For Vehicles

Some laws and regulations may appear when you search for “window tint near me.” These rules need to be followed by your car window film. You can tint your car as dark as you deem necessary as long as it is following the laws in your state.

When deciding on a car limo tint in Lake Mary FL, it would be best to discuss the matter with your installer or do some research on your car tinting state laws. This is to avoid future complications with the authorities.

Although each state has its own set of car tinting laws, there is a universal maritime law to comply with regardless of state for the installation of limo tint around Lake Mary FL.

How Dark Can You Go

The visible light transmission percentage (VLT %) should be considered to determine the appropriate darkness of film that you’ll purchase from window tint supplies in Lake Mary FL, after searching for “window tint near me.” The percentage refers to the allowable visible light that can pass through the window and the tint film combined. In short, it is the amount of light you see after it passes through the tinted window.

Here is a guide to the standard VLT% in car and even boat window tint laws near Lake Mary FL:

1. Front windows – The window and the window tint combined should allow the passing through of light by at least 28%.

2. Back windows – The back windows should allow the passing through of visible light to the interior of the car by at least 15%.

3. Rear windows – The window and the tinting film should allow the passing through of at least 15% of visible light.

Reflective Tint Laws

Similar to the lenses of your sunglasses, window tints contain some metallic elements which reflect light and are needed to reduce glare caused by the visible light. In your “window tint near me” search, you will know the reflectivity percentage of car window tints also come with governing regulations.

1. Front windows – Maximum reflectivity should be 25%.

2. Back windows – Maximum reflectivity should be 25%.

In as far as VLT percentages are concerned, the lower the percentage, the darker the shade of the tint.

It is not required to have a certification from window tint manufacturers. It is however required that you have the sticker to prove that you have installed legal window tints (darkness and reflectivity).

If you have a medical condition that requires darker window tints other than what is allowed by law, you can apply for a medical exemption certificate. State laws usually have a list of these medical conditions.

Solar Gard window tint in Lake Mary FL provides car enthusiasts with such benefits ranging from sun protection to safety and security. You should make sure that you are installing the best products you found from searching “window tint near me” on your vehicle. Most importantly, make sure that it is within the bounds of the law to ensure hassle-free and enjoyable roadtrip at all times.