How to Maintain Mobile Window Tinting in San Francisco, California

How to Maintain Mobile Window Tinting in San Francisco, California

You have spent some good money getting mobile window tinting in San Francisco, California. To protect your car and your investment, you need to properly care for and maintain your mobile window tinting for cars in SF, California.

Proper care and maintenance of your mobile window tinting in San Francisco, California, will ensure you keep the fresh look of the tint. It will ensure that the car tint will be effective in blocking glare and UV rays of the sun. It will also be effective in keeping car windows stronger and more durable.

The auto window tint shop in SF, CA, that installed your car window tint will advise you not to clean them immediately. If you have accidentally dirtied the tint or noticed some dust, do not mind them.

Your new window tint should be allowed to completely cure before you start cleaning. The time it will take for the car window tint to dry depends on how exposed it is going to be to the sun.

The auto glass and tint shop in SF, California, will tell you how long to wait before you start cleaning your new tinted car windows. It usually takes only a few days, though.

As soon as your mobile window tint is dry enough to be cleaned, here are some important reminders:

1. Use only a soft cloth.

Window tinting prices for cars in SF, CA, are not a joke. You would not like to ruin what you spent with an abrasive cloth. Although car window tints have an extra coating making it scratch resistant, it is only for normal wear and tear and not for abrasive materials.

A microfiber cloth won’t scratch your car tint just as a steel sponge would when it gets rid of dirt and dust. A microfiber cloth and some water and soap are all you need to maintain the polished look of your car window tint. You can also use a squeegee (without sharp metal edges) so the windows will easily dry.

2. Use only non-abrasive cleaning agents.

Just like a steel sponge, baking soda is an abrasive material too. Soapy water is always the best cleaning agent for you. Soapy water and a soft or microfiber cloth are all you need to keep your car window tints in perfect condition for longer years.

Window tinting near me prices in SanFo, California, are worth it especially since maintenance does not cost much. Mobile window tinting in San Francisco, California, only needs a soft cloth, soap, and water.