Ways You Can Enjoy a Quality Car Glass Tint Service

It can be hard to find a car glass tint shop that you can fully rely on. You must try to find a contractor that possesses polished technical skills, extensive tinting experience, and a complete set of equipment. If the film is not applied correctly, it may shrivel and form bubbles. It’s a good thing [...]

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Clear vs. Others: Why You Should Switch to Clear Auto Window Tint

Lighten up and enjoy the clear breakthrough in automotive window films. Clear auto window tint still dominates window customization, promising clear view with the same perks compared to traditional dark-tinted windows. It solved the troubles of visibility in dark-tinted windows while giving the same – in some types, better – protection to the interior cabin [...]

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3 Innovative Automotive Window Tint Solutions

Your automotive window tint can act as a protection for your car. Besides the great design and aesthetic that it can bring to your car, it operates to provide you privacy and confidentiality, too. Your automotive window tint helps you to protect your car’s interior against UV rays and direct sunlight that can cause damage. [...]

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The Best Tips and Tricks for Removing Car Window Tint

If you inquire from your local tint shops, you would know that the removal of car window tint is not that cheap. If you have ever tried removing it by yourself, you would have seen that it’s not that easy because window tint removal can be messy. With that said, we would like to help you [...]

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Fun Fact: How Does Auto Window Tint Block UV Rays

We’re pretty sure that when you buy a new car, you won’t consider auto window tinting. It’s true! Not everyone will examine the ability of the vehicle to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun efficiently. Sure, they’ll consider the model, the quality, the fuel efficiency, safety and security and ask questions such [...]

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How to Choose the Best Auto Window Tint Shop for You

Finding the best auto window tint shop for your car is not as simple as looking in catalogs and deciding right away. Many shops offer various packages and warranties you can choose from. The outcome of your window tinting job can significantly affect how you look at your car. A good tint can make you proud [...]

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Do-It-Yourself Auto Window Tint Guide for Your Car

You probably would like to save on that extra $300–$500 on the cost of labor tinting for the windows of your car. Apart from that, you still need to spend for the window film for your auto window tint. Learn how you can save a big chunk from your window tint budget if you know [...]

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Easy-To-Follow Guide In Choosing The Right Automotive Tint Darkness

There are automotive tint darkness regulations every driver and car owner needs to follow. Car window tinting is not only meant for privacy and investment protection. The Visible Light Transmission tells if you are getting the safe and fair tint darkness for your car windows. The window tinting rules and laws vary from one state [...]

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5 Essential DIY Auto Window Tinting Tools You Need to Prepare

Preparing the necessary window tinting tools is the first step for vehicle owners who like to do tinting on their own. The five tools listed below are the most essential for auto window tinting and are commonly used even by professionals. Knife or Razor Blade A set of window tinting tools is not complete without a knife [...]

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