5 Dangerous Situations You Can Avoid Through Commercial Window Film

5 Dangerous Situations You Can Avoid Through Commercial Window Film

Installing a commercial window film comes with different benefits like reducing energy cost, reducing the glare and increasing your privacy. However, some window film users do not know that window films can also save lives.

Here are five situations wherein commercial window film can be a very significant factor in saving lives:

Protect You From Earthquakes

Window tint can be very helpful in areas that are susceptible to earthquakes. When an earthquake shakes a building, the window film can help the windows stay intact. There are several cases where many were injured because of the shards from broken windows that flew all over the place during an earthquake.

The window film can effectively keep the shards in place. Even though the glass may still break, the film can still hold those broken pieces together and prevent it from exploding in every direction. This can result to lower casualties or injuries during an earthquake in a well-populated area.

Protect You From the Harmful UV Rays

Window tint can also save you from skin cancer which is a disease mainly caused by excessive exposure to the sun’s heat. It was proven that window films could block 99.9% of the harmful UV rays from pouring through your building’s windows. This means that people will be spared from sunburns and even skin cancer. Diseases like lupus and xeroderma pigmentosum can also make use of this benefit of window tints.

Protect You From Burglars

We are now living in a world where crimes are rampant, that is why we need to have precautionary measures to protect our lives and our belongings. Buildings with weak security systems are frequent targets of criminals. Fortunately, having window tint installed in your building can protect your things and the people working in your building. This is because burglars cannot easily shatter your windows and enter your building.

Protect You From Terrorism

Since the terror attack in 2011, people see the world as a more dangerous place to live in. Installing a window film can slow down the bad guys from doing something horrible. Even though window films cannot really keep the terrorists out of your building, slowing them down can still mean so much.

Protect Your Privacy

Having an increased privacy can also save lives. When passers-by cannot see what’s inside of the building, criminals won’t have the idea what to steal. Abduction can also be prevented or avoided when criminals do not have visibility of who works or lives inside the building.

Commercial window film does not only have environmental and economic benefits, but it also has life-saving advantages like those mentioned above. Business owners should have it installed to enjoy its many benefits and protect lives, too.