Commercial Vehicle Window Tint Laws in Maitland, Florida

Commercial Vehicle Window Tint Laws in Maitland, Florida

One of the many things to consider in getting a window tint for your vehicle is the applicable tinting laws governing the state you live in. Florida’s law on window tinting, which was enacted in 1991, specifies the guidelines for any vehicle’s window film installation. It covers the darkness, reflectivity, and location of the film in a window, as stipulated in sections 316.2951 to 316.2957 of the Florida Statutes.

Maitland, Florida boasts a strong historical background sustained by its natural beauty and diverse economic offering. Supporting its rich economy are the business owners who choose to contribute their expertise to the city’s wealth. However, with Florida’s weather, businessmen often reach out to look for “car glass tinting near me around Maitland FL” to maximize the use of their commercial vehicles.

Why You Should be Aware of Tinting Laws

Understanding window tinting laws in Maitland FL is essential for any vehicle owner. It becomes crucial, particularly with businessmen, as these can make or break the success of their operations. Commercial motor vehicles, as defined in section 316.003 of the Florida statutes, have a gross weight of 10,000 pounds or more.

It can also transport either more than 15 passengers, including the driver, or any material found to be hazardous. However, it is not considered as a commercial motor vehicle if there’s no profit or corporate sponsorship to be derived from it.

It was only in April 2012 when the authorities permitted the installation of window tint on commercial vehicles. It was agreed that these vehicles could use clear films on the front side windows with a minimum of 70% visibility rating. Though the film is clear, it still blocks UV rays of up to 99% and reduces the risk of skin cancer for the drivers. Thus, truck window tint prices around Maitland FL also vary.

Are you planning to get green window tint in Maitland FL? You better think again! Florida state laws explicitly ban the use of any color of window tint. Other requirements include placement of stickers on the inner side of the driver’s doorjamb to identify legal tinting, as well as to install dual side mirrors in case any of the back windows have been tinted.


An easy way to tint car windows around Maitland FL is by knowing the prevailing laws and letting the professionals do the work. The policemen use a tool called a light meter to measure the total darkness of the glass and film of vehicles. Non-compliance with the state law will be subjected to legal action. Both the vehicle owner and installer of window tint could be subject to significant fines.