Commercial Window Tinting for Your Solar Panels

Commercial Window Tinting for Your Solar Panels

There have been a few misconceptions on the outcome of solar panels with commercial window tinting. For one, they are said to perform less with tinted windows. Thus, they are said to reduce the potency with less exposure to direct sunlight. While this may be true, there are reasons solar panels need to be tinted.

Generally, a window tint serves to defend occupants of a building or a vehicle to the dangers of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light which could potentially harm human skin. With the solar panel generating electricity, they are expected to function correctly when they are exposed to sunlight.

This is true. But in spite of that fact, commercial window tinting is still a sound and feasible idea for your window without sacrificing your solar panels. Neither do you need to replace them in favor of your tinted windows. Yes, your solar panel stay and will work the same even with a window tint.

Why Should You Install Window Tints

With tinted glazing, your solar panels can still retain their transparency from the outside with less reduction in heat. It is also a common choice in both commercial and residential windows. The process could assume a retrofit situation wherein the windows are not replaced but tint is applied inside the surface of the glazing. Thus, the technology remains for your solar panels.

Aside from that, everything else depends on the film you use and its color. So whether your house or building uses solar panels that are installed indoors or outdoors, window tinting can still enhance the performance of your solar panels.

Commercial window tinting can help you save energy even more than the savings you get from using solar panels. So when using a double-pane window, the absorption of heat and glare is more effective and even more improved with a window tint.

Another great alternative is to use indoor solar panels and tinted windows. Solar windows are as beneficial to tinted windows, although they can produce power from the sun.

Although you may pay separately for the solar panels, you get to earn more savings from a commercial window tinting job for your solar panels. If you shop around town, you will find many commercial window installers offering a special price if you purchase both solar panel and window installation from them. And if your resources are not enough for both, it is recommend that you have your windows tinted first.