Easy Steps to Fix Auto Window Tinting After a Poor Job

Easy Steps to Fix Auto Window Tinting After a Poor Job

Auto window tinting is a type of film installed on the windows of a vehicle. It is mainly done to minimize or deflect the light that enters the interior. The shades of the tint can range from black to ceramic, to dye ones. They are applied from top to bottom or on just a portion of the window.

You may apply the film yourself using a window tint kit that is available in auto shops. A professional installer can also perform the tinting job for you. In some cases, this particular job results in bubbling and peeling, prompting you to do the necessary repair of the affected film. If the tint on your vehicle becomes faded, or the installation has been done poorly in the first place, follow these steps:

1. Seek Professional Assistance

This step is the best approach to take if the auto window tinting was done by an installer since the job is considered under a limited warranty by its manufacturer.

2. Fix the Bubbles

If you want to address the problem by yourself first, then use a hair dryer to heat the area with some bubbles on them. The heat will make the film soft and supple. Next, you need to press the bubbles out. To do this, use a squeegee or the edge of a credit card.

3. Address the Peeling

You need soap and water for this. With this solution, start washing the back area of the tint with peeling. While doing that, smoothen out the tint back using a squeegee. After that, give a few minutes for the film to dry.

4. Removal of the Film

If removal is the best solution for an auto window tinting that was done poorly, then begin it by cutting a garbage bag to the same size as the window. Put the bag against the car window and then wet the outside part.

The next step is to spray ammonia on the tinted area. Leave it for a few hours to sit under the sun. When it is time to peel, use a razor blade and start at the defroster line. If you do it correctly, you can detach the whole film in a single piece. As an alternative to ammonia, you may use a steamer. The same process applies.

When it comes to mobile tinting on windows, you may be unfortunate to have gotten a poor job on the installation. That is why you need to make sure to find an auto window tinting company that can do an efficient job for you without any mistakes.