How to Install Commercial Window Tints to Protect Your Business

How to Install Commercial Window Tints to Protect Your Business

Installing commercial window tints can be overwhelming as compared to doing it in a home, boat, or car. The difference is mainly the size of the area as tinted glass windows for commercial properties are usually larger than those in residences and vehicles.

While the option to hire professional help is always there, you can also do it on your own. With a little help from some of your employees, DIY commercial window tinting provides savings if done properly.

Below are the basic steps on how to install commercial window tint film by yourself:

Concoct Mounting Solution

Combine eight drops of shampoo for every quarter gallon of water. Only prepare what you will need as it can be contaminated if left overnight. Use distilled water if the water is hard. The shampoo serves as lube when setting the commercial window film. It also stops the films from adhering to itself and to one another during actual installation.

Clean Glass Windows Thoroughly

Wash the glass thoroughly before positioning commercial window tints. Use the solution to clean it and to remove any unwanted objects wedged on the surface. Use a sharp razor blade to get rid of any solid residue. Spray the window again, and then use a squeegee to dry. Wipe the whole area with a soft, lint-free cloth to finish.

Prepare the Tint Film

Determine the surface area of the glass before cutting the film. Allocate one to two inches of extra film on all sides to ensure the whole glass will be covered. You may need to merge two or more tint films when window tinting for commercial buildings because of its size.

Peel the liner off the film and drench the adhesive with the mounting solution. Make sure that all parts of the adhesive are wet to have an easier time of application.

Install the Tint Film

Gently position the commercial window films on the glass surface. Squeeze out the excess liquid, starting from the middle going outward. Cut the excess film around the edges. Make another pass on the glass using a squeegee and a fine cloth. Ensure that all air bubbles are removed. If not, then repeat this step as needed.

Installing window tints on your own will help you keep the cost down while enjoying its benefits. Commercial window tints not only keep the inside temperature comfortable, but they also help a lot to improve the security of your business.