Mobile Car Tint Service: What to Look for and What to Avoid

Mobile Car Tint Service: What to Look for and What to Avoid

The decision to avail of a mobile car tint service is not an easy task.  While the choice to upgrade a car’s look to include auto window tinting is simple and considered a good investment, the company to hire to do the job is another story.  There are several things you need to size up when picking the right service for a vehicle.  Don’t get swayed by fancy advertisements or freebies.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the right tinting service.


A successful mobile tint service will have many customers at the beginning because of the novelty.  However, a company is only as good as its last service.  Look for a company that has been around and servicing clients for at least five to ten years.  If possible, look at the quality of the auto window tinting the company offers and ask if there are systems they use for installing a car tint.  A reliable service provider is one that has existed for some time and has excellent processes in place that not only entice customers but ensure quality expertise as well.

Quality (and Warranty) is Key

A good car tinting service will have a variety of shades of varying costs from reputable manufacturers available.  They should have samples of the car tint shade which customers can see and feel for themselves.  Look at the method of installation.

Are the waiting times appropriate or too long? Are the installers careful enough to ensure no cracks form on the window gasket (the rubber lining windows) and the car’s surface?  Does the company offer services such as a mobile service to its customers, or warranty for those who avail of their services?  Furthermore, how the company answers crucial questions speak to how well a company installs its products, how experienced their staff is in handling installations, and how the company treats its customers.

In looking for a tinting company that will service your car, don’t just look at the mobile window tint cost.  Look at the quality, reliability, and performance of the company giving the service. A car window tint is an investment that should last for years – shouldn’t you look for a company that has not only stood the test of time but will give you top quality service?
Check out for top quality tints and services at prices you can’t beat.  It’s the reliable mobile car tint service that’s sure to tick all the right boxes.