• Reasons to Avail Mobile Window Tinting in New Haven, Connecticut

Reasons to Avail Mobile Window Tinting in New Haven, Connecticut

Mobile window tinting is more than just applying a high-quality film to your car window. It gives your car a more visual appeal and can actually save you tons of energy. Car tinting shops in New Haven, Connecticut have been so in demand recently, and we understand why – here are the top reasons.

1. Visually Appealing

Let’s state the obvious, mobile window tinting gives your car a more visually appealing look. Many mobile car tint services in New Haven, Connecticut offer a wide variety of tinting services that it’s impossible not to find something that suits your taste. If you don’t want a tint that’s too dark, there’s a film for that!

2. Minimize Interior Heat

Auto window tint shops in Connecticut offer some of the best quality films. These films can minimize interior heat of up to 78%. The chances of your car heating up because of the sun’s heat can actually be decreased because of the mobile window tinting services in Connecticut.

In Connecticut, window tint shops are very much aware of the window tinting laws. The VLT or the Visible Light Transmission is the percentage of light that is allowable to pass through the factory tint of your mobile window and the film itself. You can expect that these laws are very much observed in New Haven, Connecticut.

3. Saves Energy

In relation to the ability of mobile window tinting to minimize interior heat, it could only mean that there is a decrease in the use of AC which means a decrease inimpact on the gas mileage.

4. Minimize Sun Exposure

Auto glass and tint shop in New Haven, Connecticut can offer a film that can block up to 99% of the sun’s rays. By blocking these UV rays, you can actually reduce the fading of your dash, carpets, and seats. Furthermore, with the film acting as a sort of sunscreen, you are also protecting yourself from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

5. Minimize Harsh Glare

Mobile window tinting can also minimize harsh glare. Glare can cause temporary blindness and can be very risky especially when you are driving. It is important that you stay focused when driving and having your windows tinted in New Haven is the first step.

In availing the services of Mobile Window Tint in New Haven Connecticut, you can enjoy your ride in a fun and safe manner. Mobile window tinting services in New Haven, Connecticut are not only concerned with the visual aesthetic of your car, but they also aim to help you achieve a comfortable and safe driving experience.

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