Different Mobile Window Tinting Laws in Pike Creek, Delaware

Different Mobile Window Tinting Laws in Pike Creek, Delaware

The mobile window tinting law of Delaware was enacted in 1992. Basically, it provides requirements with regards to the window’s darkness and reflectiveness. There are also other guidelines stated in the law. It is essential to know what these requirements are especially when bugged by the thought; mobile tint service near me? or when planning to bring your car in an auto window tint shop in Pike Creek and other areas in DE.

Required Darkness of Auto Window Tint in Delaware

When I was in DE and was visiting a mobile car window tinting near me, I talked with the store customer representative and I was informed about visible light transmission or VLT. The term VLT refers to the percentage of light which is allowed to pass through the window.

In Delaware, the mobile window tinting requirements for sedans are different with SUVs.

Usually, the mobile window tinting laws in Pike Creek allows any VLT for the back side as well as the rear windows. The front side windows are required to allow 70 percent or more light inside the vehicle. As for the car’s windshield, you can install a non-reflective film at the top as long as it is above the AS-1 line of the manufacturer.

Additional Rules and Regulation on Window Tinting

The same shop for mobile window tinting near me in DE gave the following guidelines:


In Delaware, shops and film manufacturers don’t need any certification for their products, and this includes those offering mobile tint service near me and others around the area.

Medical exclusion

There are certain medical exclusions in the mobile window tinting laws in DE. For instance, people whose medical condition requires complete protection from the sun may get exempted from the law. However, they need to present a statement provided by their physician.

Restricted colors

All colors are allowed as long as the darkness of the film abides with what is stated in the law.

Side mirrors

The two side mirrors are needed if the window at the back of the vehicle is tinted.


A sticker is needed to help recognize legal tinting. This sticker needs to be placed on the driver side window, in between the glass and the film.

This mobile window tinting laws and guidelines in Delaware may differ with the requirements in other states. It is imperative that you have awareness of the requirements when searching for a mobile window tinting near you. If you are in doubt, verify with your chosen auto glass and tint shop in DE or in whatever state you are in.