3 Important Things You Need to Know After You Get a Window Film

3 Important Things You Need to Know After You Get a Window Film

A window film is a multi-layered polyester that is applied to your car windows. Its purpose depends on the material and quality of the film. It can serve as protection from UV Rays. It can also be a kind of safety and security for the car owner. Either way, it aims to be both useful and aesthetic.

Your Car Window Might Look a Little Bit Hazy at First

After the application of the window film, moisture remains between the glass and the film. It may take a couple of days or even months to completely evaporate. This will depend on the material of the film. When the dapples finally disappear, your windows should look sleek and can descent. Voila! Your car looks as good as new.

Do Not Roll Your Windows Down for at Least 24 Hours

Window tint is installed on the glass window for better durability. Just like a wet paint, it takes time to dry off. It is advisable to leave your windows untouched for the next 24 hours after installation. This will give the material enough time to be attached well to the glass. It is always worth the wait.

You have to wait for another week before you can clean your car windows. It is best to use foam cleaner to avoid scratches on the film. You did not spend money on it just to damage it a week after. Be extra careful. Maintenance is the key.

Can You Tint Your Car a New Shade After Another?

The answer is no. You definitely need the old window film removed before you can install a new one. Rear defrosters are easily damaged. You may want a professional to do it for you. You wouldn’t want to scrape it then pay for additional fees to get it fixed.

A damaged window film cannot be fixed. A portion of the film can only be removed and be tinted once again. It can’t be done as a whole. Removal of the installed window film is needed if it has been damaged. The more it gets wrong, the more cash out on your end.

Just like any new installed material, it takes time and proper care to prolong its value. The money you spend on window film will only be worth it if you don’t mess it up. Always look out for the right people who know what they are doing. Cars are delicate, especially on the road. Take good precaution and drive safely!