History Of Inventing Window Tint And How It Can Help You

History Of Inventing Window Tint And How It Can Help You

Window film always comes to mind when people talk about window tints. While window tint isn’t what we know today, inventing window tints has gone through numerous evolution and developments dating back to the ancient civilization of Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures.

Window Tinting in 3000 B.C. – 1300 A.D

The originally known window tints in the ancient civilizations were hanging beads and decorative pots for your window. These were used to block the sunlight from coming in the households during this civilization.

While the first glass windows were used around 100 A.D by the Romans. By the medieval period, the use of coloring glass was common in Europe and the Middle East. Adding metallic oxide powders in the process of creating glass was widely used to make stained glass windows for churches and palaces.

Car Window Tinting in 1940 – 1960

The creation of automobiles around the early 1900’s was a stepping stone in inventing window tint as we know it today. With the increasing users of automobiles, more people began to realize how the glare of the sun can be magnified through a glass, thus increasing the temperature inside the automobile.

It was a matter of time when the first window tint manufacturer, EZ Eye,launched factory window tint.  The tint was appliedin a few car models such as ’40 Mercury Romango and ’58 Chevy Impala.


The window tinting game was changed with the invention of window films. Manufacturing company 3M, known for their “scotch tape,” finally unlocked the solution of sun control film while they were inventing window tint. The event of a terrorist bombing in Europe resulted in the invention of clear security window film that prevents glass from shattering into pieces.

1990 – Present

The window film we all know today emerged in the early 90’s. The first film was composed of metal integrated with dye. The dye film was used to absorb heat and metallic particles that reflect sun rays. The second film and the newest edition that is popular nowadays is the ceramic film. It is a top-notch film that can last a lifetime and efficiently rejects heat and UV rays.


Now that you know about the evolution of window tints, you now have an idea how it stands to make a difference dating back to the ancient civilizations. Whether you’re deciding to get your house or your car installed with window tints or you’re inventing window tint with your own formula, you know how it can play a particular role in your car, your house or your daily life.