The Science Behind Applying Glass Tint For Your Car And House

The Science Behind Applying Glass Tint For Your Car And House

Applying glass tints has been an everyday sight in our everyday lives. To the millennials, glass tints have already existed more than what they can remember.  Almost everybody knows what window tints are for, and how it can create a role in everyday life of an individual.

From a cool, comfortable drive around town on a hot sunny day to increased privacy, safety and health precautions from shattered glass and more, glass tints can back you up. But what is the science behind applying glass tints?

Start by understanding what really causes the heat. The sun emits three kinds of solar spectrum rays, namely, UV rays, infrared light, and visible light. Infrared light and UV rays are invisible. UV rays are the number one reason for the deterioration of the quality of clothes, interior of the car or house and the cause of skin cancer and damage of DNA.

Infrared light is the main cause of heat; it is what heats up a car that has been sitting in the sun. Visible light is the natural light that brightens up the surroundings on a day.

The solar spectrum consists of 3% UV radiation, 53% infrared light and 44% of sunlight.

The birth of nanotechnology is the reason why we are applying glass tints on our windows. Scientist,through molecular science,creates nanoparticles to be included in window films. The film is created to control the solar spectrum through the use of nanoparticles.

These nanoparticles enable window film to absorb and prevent amounts of infrared heat, eliminate the penetration of UV rays inside your car or house and minimize the penetration of visible light. This process is called spectral selectivity. With this process, NASA was able to place heat protection elements into the space shuttle design.

Applying glass tints for your car is like the application of contact lenses, which also serves as eye protection from UV penetration. Glass tints act like a sunscreen because it also consists of SPF and UV protection for your car or house window. Applying glass tints regulate the transportation of solar radiation inside your car or house.

With the proven formula of applying glass tints, millennials widely accept it as a need more than how people perceive it as a luxury back in the days.  With its numerous provided benefits, applying glass tints can protect and minimize the damage that the sun’s solar spectrum emits and can help you in a wide variety of ways.