Tips On Picking Out The Perfect Car Window Graphic Tint

Tips On Picking Out The Perfect Car Window Graphic Tint

Numerous kinds of car window graphic tint and designs are out in the market, especially online. Window tints for cars are booming not only for investment protection and interior heat reduction, but it is also used for brand or business advertisement and self-expression. Hence, you need to gauge what’s suitable for your car window and your taste in car graphic tint designs to finally decide what tint to apply. This article will discuss the widely used kinds of car graphic tints with their privacy features.

Perforated Car Graphic Film

This is a kind of window graphic tint that has tiny holes scattered throughout the film itself. The purpose of these holes is to provide 50/50 or 70/30 one-way visibility of your choice. It also comes with various film types, such as white on black, black on white, and translucent white and clear perforated. Each kind of perforated films has different viewing percentages and printing suitability. However, they all offer three years of guaranteed durability. Installation wise, it is easier to apply because air bubbles are not easily trapped under the film and no adhesive residue will remain in the window glass when removed.

Decal Car Graphic Film

These are also used for car window graphic tinting, especially for business because it is a practical and inexpensive method for brand cognizability. Same with the perforated kind of car window graphic tint, decal stickers are easy to install and remove if you change your taste in graphic designs. Window decals have different kinds and film feature as well, such as the following:

  • Opaque decals – These are easy to install can be used on both indoor and outdoor car windows. The estimated life expectancy of an opaque decal is five years or more depending on the car care procedure applied.
  • Clear decals – This is 50% thinner than opaque decals with the exact thickness measurement of 0.2 mm. It is also good for both indoor and outdoor application and offers the same estimated life expectancy and installation convenience. There are two film choices under clear car decals.They are print surface which tells how your window graphic view will be when installed and white ink, an easy-to-install window graphic tint but not widely recommended because of its fast-fading quality.

Perforated tints or decal of different kinds and features will surely make a massive impact for your adornment whether for business purposes or not. Take note that your car window graphic tint longevity is not based on the expensive materials used but on the proper care.