Tips to Keep Your Mobile Window Tint Looking Brand New

Tips to Keep Your Mobile Window Tint Looking Brand New

When you apply mobile window tint to your car, it is clear that you want to keep it look good. Many people wish their car windows to be tinted, but most of them are not sure how to clean their tinted windows. It is good if you like to wash your car window tints as often as possible. However, the hardest part is knowing which product and tool to use.

Below are the tips to follow when cleaning the window tint of your car:

  • Allow the Freshly Applied Car Tints to Dry Before Cleaning Them

If you just applied automotive window films to your car windows, it is best to let them dry first before you clean them. If you see some dirt on your tint, control yourself not to clean it. Wait for it to dry before you do something on the film.

Cleaning mobile window tints while they are wet will only damage the look of your vehicle. Furthermore, you would not be able to get the protection that it is supposed to give because you already destroyed the tint.

  • Use Soft Cleaning Cloth – Microfiber Material, if Possible

If you want to clean your mobile window tint inside the car, you need to make sure that you use a microfiber cloth. This piece of fabric is specially made to clean areas that are susceptible to scratches. With this tool, you can remove the dirt with just one swipe.

  • Use Mild Cleaning Agents – Preferably, Non-Ammonia Cleaners

Even though ammonia is a widely used cleaning product, you cannot use it on tinted car windows. Ammonia may clean your car windows, but it can damage the film. Thus, it is best to use a non-ammonia cleaning agent. Not only can it remove stubborn dirt from your windows, but it is also safe for tinted films.

  • Hire a Professional Window Cleaner Near You

If you do not have time to do this task, you can hire a mobile tint service to do this job for you. These companies know how to handle tinted windows. You just need to call them or take your car to their store, and let them do all the dirty tasks.

Having your car windows tinted can improve the appearance of your vehicle and enhance its functionality. However, cleaning car tints can be frightening, especially if you do not know how to do it. But if you follow these car window cleaning tips, your mobile window tint will look as good as new.