3 Tips for Choosing the Right Mobile Window Tint Shade

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Mobile Window Tint Shade

The majority of car owners are often confronted with the dilemma of not knowing how to choose the right mobile window tint shade for their vehicle. Even though most window tinting shops will be more than happy to help you pick one, it’s important that you understand how window tints work and know some the tips on how to choose a shade.

Understanding What Mobile Window Tint Is and How It Works

Window tints reflect, absorb, and transmit light from the sun to the inside of your car. Car window tints are represented with percentage. This percentage stands for the level of light that is allowed to pass through the window film and into the car. For instance, a 70% window tint means that it blocks 30% of visible light. Regardless of the window film’s percentage, it can still block 99% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays and reflect heat, thus keeping your car cooler even on hot, sunny days.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Mobile Window Tint Shade

Car owners should take their time before choosing what shade of window tint they prefer. Consider the following tips before making a choice:

  • Be Clear on Your Reasons for Having Tinted Windows

People have different reasons for wanting tinted windows. The majority of car drivers apply window tints because it looks good. Some prefer the additional privacy dark shades provide while others want to be protected against the sun’s harsh glare.

When picking a window tint shade, drivers have to balance their preference with the film’s performance. A 20% window tint is popular because it’s practical and looks stylish while a 35% tint is lighter but doesn’t sacrifice the health benefits window films give. Meanwhile, a 5% limo tint is perfect for those who are aiming for utmost privacy.

  • Determine How Often You Drive at Night

There’s an ongoing debate on whether dark window tints hinders night driving. Bear in mind that having a mobile window tint will cause a decrease in night time visibility, regardless of what tint shade is used. However, this is mostly unnoticed in most shades, except for limo tints. If you’re always driving at night, a darker shade is probably not the best choice.

  • Familiarize Yourself With Your State’s Window Tinting Laws

Learn the window tinting laws of your state before you set your heart on a particular window shade. Each state has their distinct regulations on car tinting, and you want to make sure that the mobile window tint you want to use is acceptable. Some regions are very particular about which shades are legal and which windows are allowed to be tinted. Confer with your window tint installer before making a decision.  

Window films come in different shades. Make sure you’re clear regarding the reasons why you’re getting your windows tinted. Knowing your state’s laws on car tints is also important before you choose the mobile window tint shade you want.