Bring in More Customers: Trending Restaurant Window Graphics 2018

Bring in More Customers Trending Restaurant Window Graphics 2018

Restaurant window graphics has become a trend to pop an establishment’s appearance, post creative decals, and control the temperature inside. It also provides customers privacy by dimming the interior in a classy, high-end way.

Business window graphics and tints cut down solar glare and protect customers from harmful ultraviolet rays while allowing enough light and visibility inside the restaurant. It rejects heat energy, which reduces the costs of air conditioning during hot summer months. However, not all types of window graphics design are equally effective in fulfilling these purposes. That is why it’s worth the effort to consider the basic categories of window tinting film.

Here are three window tinting trends you need to check, selected in terms of the quality, effectiveness, and style for your restaurant:

Half-dyed window tint with graphic decals and customized gradient

Customized dye and gradient on restaurant window graphics give a classy and inviting look to the restaurant. Covering a part of the windows lets people have the right amount of peeking to your building without seeing unnecessary views.

The gradient can be in the form of dots, lines, or silk. Since the film’s placement, repetition identity, scale, color, and opacity are adjustable, you can tweak it depending on your privacy need or the style you have in mind. You can add different pattern elements or multiple colors along the clear views to maximize the space.

Full solar frosted window film

Don’t make your customers feel like they are eating inside an aquarium by creating a private ambiance with restaurant window graphics made in frosted window film. Also, do not let intense sunlight ruin the mood of some spots in the restaurant. With full solar frosted window film, you can protect your customers from glares and ultraviolet rays while permitting visibility from the interior. Storefront window graphics and tints let your customers dine with comfort, not being bothered by stinging sunlight.

Decorative film with customized prints

Add personality and introduce the branding you’d like to establish with creative window graphics peppered with store window lettering, logos, or patterns. Bring in customers with creative decors and informative highlights such as a customized message, open hours, and specialties. Creative window tints on glass look mesmerizing as translucent full-color print gives more definition and depth to the logos and texts you want to paste.

Restaurant window graphics is not only for decoration. These films offer protection to the interior and exterior part of the restaurant with its glare-free and anti-graffiti qualities. Select the right design for your business based on its identity and architectural style. Generate traffic, advertise your brand, and provide comfort to your patrons while saving energy and blocking harmful rays. Stand out and have your very own window tint installed by a professional now.