Mobile Window Tint: Pros and Cons of Doing It Yourself

Mobile Window Tint Pros and Cons of Doing It Yourself

privacy to the car owner, but it can also help increase the car’s energy efficiency and improve security.  It is, however, an expensive endeavor to take on.  

With the digitization of products, there is a proliferation of pre-cut car window tints found on the open market.  But, before you jump into a do-it-yourself project of this scale, take a look at some pros and cons of installing car tint all by yourself.

The Pros    

Auto window tinting cost is not cheap.  Depending on where you avail of the services, costs can run into thousands.  With do-it-yourself, however, the car owner can choose a high-quality tint of a perfect opacity without shelling out way too much on the service.  

You can find tons of excellent pre-cut tint kits online and in home improvement centers, so finding one for your car and cutting it to fit its specific window measurements is not difficult.  The steps in installing the tint are pretty much simple and straightforward.

The Cons

Auto window tinting, while relatively simple, still takes a certain amount of effort.  The car owner needs to scrape and completely clean the windows of cars of tints that were previously installed, which is hard work in itself.  

For vehicles with no previous car window tint, ensuring that the windows have been scrubbed properly and lodged in a clean, dust-free environment is no easy task as well.  Installing the tint is a time consuming process, so those that cannot spare a few hours for the process should think about it.  Mobile window tint installation requires specific tools which along with the tint itself can end up costing a pretty penny.

Having presented both pros and cons, the car owner should know that the option to do-it-yourself is out there. Should you take it on, it should be a good idea to sit down and take a look at the advantages and drawbacks, the actual costs of getting the materials, and doing it yourself versus hiring a reputable car window tint service that provides both good tints and great service.  You might be surprised that hiring a company like might end up saving you money and headaches.

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