Tint Near Me: Giving Your Home and Car Privacy

Tint Near Me: Giving Your Home and Car Privacy

Where to find the best window tint near me  is a common question asked by those who are seeking for window tint in Maitland FL. Apparently, home and auto glass tint near Maitland FL is sought after because of its many use and benefits to houses, cars, commercial buildings, and even boats. One of its function is to provide privacy. Read on further to learn more about it.

Difference of Window Tint and Privacy Glass

Those who ask for the best price car window tinting around Maitland FL usually also ask about the difference between car window tint and privacy glass. These two terms are commonly interchanged with the belief that they are synonymous.

However, the former refers to the shade and percentage of the tint while the latter is a glass dyed with pigment. Privacy glass is commonly installed at the back window of the car. Window tinting, on the other hand, is applied to the inner side of the glass.

Frosted Privacy Window Film

Those who want privacy without having the need to darken the room can opt to avail frosted film. This type of film is considered a decorative material. This means that it can enhance the look of an existing glass with either a clear or colored pattern. It’s also a cheaper alternative to curtains and blinds. You can find a lot of services that offer frosted privacy window film in Maitland FL by searching “frosted window tint near me” online.

Dual Reflective Privacy Window Film

This type of window film is popular. Viewers on the outside will only see a reflection and not the inside of the room. But because of its neutral and non-reflective finish on the inside, the people inside will be able to see the outside easily. You must take note though that this feature doesn’t work best at night when there is less light outside than in. If you like this, you can get a reflective tint around Maitland FL.

Night Time Privacy

An important thing that you have to know about window tint is that it will not generally give you night time privacy. Window film functions by reducing the amount of light coming in to the room. It then reflects the bright light from outside. So at night, the situation reverses when you have light inside and it is dark outside. Nonetheless, house window film in Maitland FL is still a great privacy solution.

Window film is a good answer to daytime and night time privacy problems. You won’t go wrong investing in this product. Just make sure that you acquire from the best providers. You can get a list of window tint suppliers by searching “window tint near me” on the internet.