How to Choose Mobile Window Tint Darkness in Waukegan, Illinois

How to Choose Mobile Window Tint Darkness in Waukegan, Illinois

The first thing most car owners do after getting their new car is to have a mobile window tint installed. There are car owners who want to have their mobile car window tinting near me in Waukegan, Illinois. So they can get the darkest shade the law allows.

The dark car window tint makes it difficult for people outside to see the interior of the car. Car owners who opt for the darkest tints say it is on their privacy, security and some cultural issues. Some do it simply for vanity.

Car Window Tint Darkness Defined

The darkness of a window tint in Illinois is defined in percentages. Window tints are measured in percentages based on how much light gets through the window. You can just simply search mobile auto tinting near me to have an idea about it.

The percentages are referred to as the Visual Light Transmission (VLT). The darker the car window tint, the lower the VLT. A mobile car tint service in Waukegan, Illinois will usually only install the darkest shade of tint as the law allows.

How Dark Is Legal Dark

The legal darkness of car window tints depends on the laws of the state. In Waukegan, Illinois, the mobile window tint laws and regulations are:

  • 35 % for front side windows
  • 35% with no limit for rear side windows
  • 35% with no limit for back window
  • 6 inches from the top for the windshield
  • Non-reflective type for tint reflection

When looking for a mobile tint service near me, it will remind you that the darkest allowable car window tint will appear darker. It happens when the back of the car faces the sun in the daytime and when it’s nighttime. It will appear lighter when the windshield faces the sun.

Here are some of the reasons the darkness percentages of a mobile window tint in Illinois are regulated:

  • Very dark window tints make it difficult to drive safely at night thus there is a high probability of being involved in a crash.
  • There is a high probability that you might hit a pedestrian.
  • Law enforcement needs to be able to see the occupants of a vehicle for their safety.

Law enforcers are equipped with a tint measuring tool to determine its percentage of darkness. You will be slapped with a fine and will have to replace your car window tints if its darkness is not within the state’s regulation.

There are however some exemptions to the tint darkness law.  A mobile tinting service near me can install a car window tint darker than what the law prescribes for medical reasons. Drivers and or family members suffering from this condition can apply for an exemption:

  • Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
  • Bloom syndrome
  • Cockayne’s syndrome
  • Protoporphyria
  • Solar urticaria

These illnesses prohibit exposure to the sun.

Before deciding on the darkness of your mobile window tint in Waukegan, Illinois, think of your safety as well as the law.