• Tips to Extend Your Mobile Window Tinting in Nashville, Indiana

Tips to Extend Your Mobile Window Tinting in Nashville, Indiana

The lifespan of your mobile window tinting depends on the quality of tint film used and how it was installed and maintained.

If you have just invested in an automotive window tinting near me, you will want it to retain its function for long years. You will want your car window tints to stay in top condition so it can continue to block UV rays, cut the glare, and keep your car’s interior safe and protected.

You will also want to retain the good-as-new look of your car as you avail a service in a car tinted windows near me. These are all possible if you take the extra effort to clean and maintain your mobile window tinting in Indiana properly.

Here are a few tips on how you can extend your window tints from an automotive tinting near me:

1. After installation, wait a few days for your mobile window tinting to cure or dry before you start cleaning them completely. Applying water while the car window tint is still not dry enough will cause it to loosen and form bubbles. You can clean the outside windows, though. Tint films are installed in the interior portions of the windows.

2. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe and clean your window tint from an auto window tinting near me. Be careful in cleaning near the edges of the tint because this is where peeling usually start. Even if you have a scratch-resistant car window tint, a soft microfiber cloth is always the best.

3. Avoid using abrasive window cleaning products on your car window tints. These cleaners contain chemicals that can damage the car window tint or cause discoloring. There are special cleaners for car window tints. To be on safe side, you can simply use soap and water.

4. Bubbles and some imperfections will start to appear in your car window tint. A normal wear and tear of could cause this if an auto tint shop did not properly install the window tint. To smoothen the car window tint, run a rubber squeegee or a credit card over the bubbles to push them out.

5. Your car window tints’ worst enemy is water. Each time you clean your window tints, make sure to dry them out with a soft microfiber cloth completely.


Car window tints can give you protection against the UV rays of the sun. It can also protect your car’s upholstery and dash from sun damage. Taking care of your car window tints do not take time and effort.

Proper routine cleaning and maintenance are needed to extend the life of your mobile window tinting in Nashville, Indiana.

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